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Courtney Love’s Bathroom (1992)

The passion of Courtney Love for cosmetics and perfumes has been documented since the beginning of her career [1]. In 1992 Alan Levenson took this picture in the bathroom of a Los Angeles apartment [2] she had rented with Kurt Cobain. Let’s start with the products on the washbasin.

edgeshavinggel_bornunicorn.jpgcliniquesoapanddish_bornunicorn.jpgThe shaving cream is by Edge, while the soap bar with green plastic dish is by Clinique. On the left side of the washbasin there’s a pale green tube (a concealer?) and in the toothbrush holder there’s a cleansing facial brush: if memory serves me right, they are both by Clinique (old packaging).

ravehairspray_bornunicornNow the dresser: the pump bottle is Rave ultra-hold hairspray,

robertpiguet_fracas_bornunicornThe black bottle with gold spray nozzle is Robert Piguet Fracas, her favourite perfume. As she explained in 2017: “My perfume history is checkered, but I found Fracas in 1985 via an agent I shared with Uma [Thurman]. It was so white-floral and heady […] I always come back to Fracas. I love it the most and it’s my go-to. It makes me so happy. My daughter also wears it. No one can ignore you when you’re wearing it, yet it’s not annoying. It smells to me like a baby’s head, a field of dreamy white meadow flowers, and a touch of sex.” Intriguing description, right?


clarinsserum1987_bornunicornThe jar and glass bottle with white caps are Clarins products. Again, I remember Clarins skincare items had the brand name etched on their caps. I have no idea what these contained, but I guess they were a face cream and serum.

lancomedefinicilsmascara_bornunicornLast, the black tube with gold accents is the Lancôme mascara Définicils.

[1] Her Top Shelf is the best ever published on Into the Gloss.

[2] The flat was in the Spaulding Apartments building.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain for Sassy Magazine (1992)

cobainlove_sassy1992_bornunicornSome days ago I came across the picture above, taken by Dora Handel in 1992. Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain were portrayed in New York for Sassy Magazine; Christina Kelly interviewed them at the peak of their love story. They weren’t married, the Nirvana mania had just exploded and tragedy hadn’t struck their family yet. I had seen pictures from that photoshoot lots of times, but for the first time I noticed the compact Courtney was holding in her hand. A Christian Dior blue and gold striped compact containing Teint Poudre dual powder foundation.

As for the pencil she was holding, something (the gold writing on it) tells me it was by Chanel, but it’s just a guess.

It’s nice to see that some things never really change: even as the poster child for the kinderwhore aesthetic Courtney had an expensive taste. After all, she’s always wanted to be the “girl with the most cake”, hasn’t she?

Thanks to Heather Martin in the comments for the compact id.

Courtney Love’s Dressing Table (2014)

courtneylove_dressingtable_bornunicornCourtney Love recently shared a picture of how her dressing table looked like during her Australian tour. “Fucking mess”, she commented, and the table is actually a mess.




I’ve able to spot a jar of Eve Lom cleanser (Courtney loves it), a Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip pencil and a Dior Contour lip pencil.