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Mannequin (1987)

mannequin_bornunicorn (3)Hollywood Montrose (Meshach Taylor) works as a window dresser at the department store Prince & Company. He’s one of the few persons who are friendly with Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy). After being hired as shop boy, Jonathan will soon start working – exclusively at night – as window dresser. His displays will become hugely successful, much to Hollywood’s delight.

In the scene above, Hollywood is working on a perfume display which includes several factice bottles of famous perfumes from the 1980s.

First, Emanuel Ungaro Diva, created by Jacques Polge in 1983

perryelliswomensperfume_bornunicornPerry Ellis eau de parfum, launched in 1985

chanel_cocoperfume_bornunicornChanel Coco, another Jacques Polge creation, launched in 1984giorgiobeverlyhillsformen_bornunicorn.jpgAnd last, Giorgio Beverly Hills Giorgio for Men, launched in 1984.

Thanks to perfumes_marimichimoni on Instagram for the Perry Ellis id.

Someone to Watch Over Me (1987)

someonetowatchoverme_bornunicorn-1Claire Gregory (Mimi Rogers) and Mike Keegan go shopping at a luxury department store. She’s an habitual customer, so she greets the sales assistant sitting at the perfume counter.

chanelno5_dabberbottle_bornunicornjeandesprez_balaversaillescologne_bornunicornAmong the several bottles on the counter, I’ve spotted a Chanel perfume in three sizes, a giant bottle of Jean Desprez Bal à Versailles eau de cologne and a giant Caron bottle. I can only assume the Chanel perfume is no.5, but the same bottle has been used for other fragrances.



profumi_jean-patou_1000_46919649One bottle of Ungaro Diva makes its appearance, too. In the background, on the right, a giant bottle of a Jean Patou perfume can be seen. It’s unclear whether it’s Joy or 1000, because the two perfumes have the same bottle.