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What Women Want (2000)

whatwomenwant_bornunicorn (8)The protagonist’s ex-wife, Gigi (Lauren Holly) loves perfumes and beauty products: her busy dressing table proves it.


There are Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion, Bulgari Eau Parfumée au The Vert cologne and body lotion, and a perfume by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier.

whatwomenwant_bornunicorn (10)

diorissimo_bornunicorndiorella_bornunicornannickgoutal_bornunicornIn another screencap, a bottle of Diorissimo (or Diorella) by Christian Dior and a perfume by Annick Goutal (even in this case, impossible to tell which one) can be seen.

whatwomenwant_bornunicorn (11)

macbulletlipstick_bornunicornAmong her make-up items, there’s a MAC lipstick.

Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme… (1973)

lorealobaobubblebath_bornunicornThere’s a bottle of L’Oreal Obao bubble bath on Jeanne’s bath tub. This product, advertised in France as “le bain de mousse à la japonaise”, was launched in 1963; its name was inspired to o-furo, the traditional Japanese bath.

Screencap source.

Ich Seh, Ich Seh (2014)

ichsechichsech_bornunicornThere’s a white bottle of Givenchy Amarige in the protagonist’s bathroom.


givenchy_amarigesilkbodyveil_bornunicornIt’s unclear whether it contains the Perfumed Dew refreshing body lotion or the Silk Body Veil. Both are quite rare products. The Givenchy perfume was created by Dominique Ropion and launched in 1991: it’s an opulent white floral scent with notes of fresh fruit and a warm woody base.

Thanks to my Instagram friend Mustapha for posting this picture on his account and for the screencap.

Pusher (1996)

pusher_bornunicorn (4)Frank (Kim Bodnia) and Tonny (Mads Mikkelsen) take a trip to Matas, a local drugstore. Lots of personal care/beauty products can be seen. Matas products, with the trademark striped packaging, are on the shelves of a whole aisle.

pusher_bornunicorn (7)

lorealstudioline_bornunicornA staple of 1990s hair-styling – L’Oreal Studio Line hair products, with the lovely white, yellow, black, red and blue packaging – can be seen, too.

pusher_bornunicorn (8)

l'orealelvive_bornunicornAnother classic drugstore line – L’Oreal Elvive haircare – can be spotted on the shelves.

pusher_bornunicorn (9)Clearasil acne and marks treatment line has its place on the shelves, too.

pusher_bornunicorn (10)

rimmelchicogo_bornunicornApparently, Chicogo was the brand name with which Rimmel marketed its products in Germany and other Northern European country. The counter in the drugstore visited by Frank and Tonny has got lipsticks and nail polishes.