bodycare in movies

¡Átame! (1989)

When Ricky (Antonio Banderas) breaks into Marina's apartment, he follows her around. When they're in the bathroom, he comments it looks like a pharmacy. But the woman doesn't keep medicines only in there: there's also a bottle of Chanel Coco bath gel. Eight years later, this bath gel would appear in Carne trémula.

nail polish in movies

Crazy in Alabama (1999)

The protagonist, Lucille Vinson (Melanie Griffith), goes to Las Vegas and - beginner's luck - wins a lot of money at the casino. She gets a make-over, which includes a glamourous haircut and a professional manicure. The nail polish they use at the salon is by Revlon. The bottle is from the 1980s, so it's… Continue reading Crazy in Alabama (1999)