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Brigitte Bardot’s Dressing Table (1957)

Wearing a scarlet red dress by Christian Dior, Brigitte Bardot was portrayed in her dressing room while getting ready to attend a gala in Munich in 1957.

rochasmouche_bornunicorn.pngThere were many beauty products displayed on the table but one has caught my attention: the teal lace box containing a bottle. If you’re a fan of vintage Rochas packaging, you’ve surely recognized Mouche, the Edmond Roudnitska creation launched in 1947. Rochas used the same bottle for many fragrances, but had different colours for their lace boxes – teal for Mouche, pink for La Rose, white for Femme, yellow for Mousseline.


Brigitte Bardot’s Dressing Table (1973)

This picture, taken in 1973, shows Bardot sitting at her dressing table. Most of the bottles on it are decorative, but there are some real flacons too.


guerlainvintagecolognenaturalspray_bornunicornOn the right there are two Guerlain bottles. The white container decorated with a blue floral pattern is the refillable atomiser of Shalimar, while the fluted one is the spray version of Shalimar eau de cologne. Behind them, the fan-like cap of the classic flacon chauve souris is visible, but it seems attached to a different bottle.

Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme… (1973)

lorealobaobubblebath_bornunicornThere’s a bottle of L’Oreal Obao bubble bath on Jeanne’s bath tub. This product, advertised in France as “le bain de mousse à la japonaise”, was launched in 1963; its name was inspired to o-furo, the traditional Japanese bath.

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