La pianiste (2001)

There are many toiletries in Erika Kohut’s bathroom. In the screencap above, a can of Schwarzkopf Taft hairspray can be seen on the mirror shelf. This product is still on the market, with a different packaging. A tube of Meridol toothpaste is on the mirror shelf, while a bottle of mouthwash from the same brand is on the shelf on the top right. There are … Continue reading La pianiste (2001)

Deutschland 83 E01 (Quantum Jump)

Martin Rauch is an East German soldier who is recruited to become a spy in West Germany. His mentor, Professor Tobias Tischbier, introduces him to the different lifestyle, products and vocabulary on the other side of the Wall. His “lessons” include beauty products.¬†Florena was an East German beauty brand; among its products, the hairspray Action and the deodorant Lidos. On the other hand, Schwarzkopf 3¬†Wetter … Continue reading Deutschland 83 E01 (Quantum Jump)