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La pianiste (2001)

lapianiste_bornunicorn-1There are many toiletries in Erika Kohut’s bathroom. In the screencap above, a can of Schwarzkopf Taft hairspray can be seen on the mirror shelf. This product is still on the market, with a different packaging.


meridoltoothpaste_bornunicorn meridol-mouthwash_bornunicornA tube of Meridol toothpaste is on the mirror shelf, while a bottle of mouthwash from the same brand is on the shelf on the top right. There are Veet shaving cream and Lux bubble bath (in both cases, old packaging) by the tub.

Deutschland 83 E01 (Quantum Jump)




tafthairspray_bornunicornMartin Rauch is an East German soldier who is recruited to become a spy in West Germany. His mentor, Professor Tobias Tischbier, introduces him to the different lifestyle, products and vocabulary on the other side of the Wall. His “lessons” include beauty products. Florena was an East German beauty brand; among its products, the hairspray Action and the deodorant Lidos. On the other hand, Schwarzkopf 3 Wetter Taft was extremely popular on the Western market.