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Marriage Story (2019)

marriagestory_bornunicorn (1)When Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) first meets her soon-to-be lawyer Nora (Laura Dern), we can see a Diptyque candle on the metal table by the white leather sofa. Too far from us, though, so it’s still hard to tell what candle it is.

marriagestory_bornunicorn (2)marriagestory_bornunicorn (3)

diptyquebaiescandle_bornunicornThe mystery is solved thanks to a close-up: it’s the best-selling Baies, a sublime fragrance of rose leaves and blackcurrant berries!

Lost in Translation (2003)

lostintranslation_bornunicornThere are two Dr. Hauschka products in Charlotte and John’s hotel bedroom.

The first can be seen on a table while John is packing his camera and lenses for work. It’s a tube, so it could contain many different creams. I like thinking it’s the rose day cream, which I’ve used for many years and still love.



The second appears on Charlotte’s bedside table: it’s a smaller tube, and I’m pretty sure it contains the daily hydrating eye cream.On the same spot there’s another product which looks familiar: it looks like the shea butter tin box by L’Occitane. This may be a long shot, though.

Under the Skin (2013)



clinique_intensechubbystick_heftiesthibiscus_bornunicornWhen the Female (Scarlett Johansson) visits a mall, she stops at the Clinique make-up display. She first holds a lipstick, then a Chubby Stick Intense lip colour in a red shade.


cliniquemascara_bornunicorncliniqueeyepencil_bornunicornThe display contains Superbalm moisturizing lip glosses and lipstick testers, Quickliner eye pencils and High Impact mascaras.

undertheskin_mall_bornunicornStill at the make-up department, the camera pans over another counter, where a sales assistant applies a product on a customer. All the skincare is by Clarins.


clarins_serumcapitallumiere_bornunicornAmong the products, there’s a set box which includes a pump bottle of Huile Très Démaquillante cleansing oil; there are also the eye make-up remover Démaquillant Express and the serum Capital Lumière.


smashbox_foundationbrush_bornunicornThe final stop of the camera is at a Smashbox make-up counter, where a make-up artist is applying some foundation on a customer using the buildable foundation brush.

Hitchcock (2013)

hitchcock_scarlett_bornunicorn (1)

hitchcock_scarlett_bornunicorn (2)

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hitchcock_scarlett_bornunicorn (5)When Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson) meets Alfred Hitchcock to discuss the role of Marion Crane in his upcoming film Psycho (1960), she focuses on the double identity of the character (a Phoenix secretary who steals $40,000 from her employer’s client).


lanvinmysin_bornunicornShe introduces this concept through perfumes: Marion is someone who wears an inoffensive cologne like Lenthéric Tweed in the office, but turns to something completely different when she’s with her lover Sam Loomis: her reckless and seductive self wears My Sin by Lanvin.

Tweed, launched in 1933, is a woody aromatic perfume with light spicy notes. My Sin, originally called Mon Péché, was created by Madame Zed in 1924; it’s a scent with civet, musk and aldehydes as dominant notes.