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Scent of a Woman (1992)


pinaud_eaudequinine_bornunicornpinaudclubmanaftershave_bornunicornpinaudclubmantalc_bornunicornThere are several Pinaud Clubman products in the barber shop where Frank Slade (Al Pacino) gets a wet shave. The tall red bottle is Eau de Quinine hair tonic; the glass bottle with the green label is the after-shave lotion, and the green plastic bottle is the talcum powder.

Id source, screencap source.

Sharp Objects S01E02 (Dirt)

sharpobjects_s01e02_bornunicornThere are several toiletries in the barber shop where Detective Richard Willis (Chris Messina) is getting shaved.

prorasoaftershavelotion_bornunicornThere’s a bottle of Proraso after-shave lotion.

risesuperfoam_bornunicornThe white can with green cap is Rise Super Foam rich shave cream.

pinaudclubmantalc_bornunicornclubmanpinaudshavetalc_bornunicornThere are also two Pinaud Clubman products. The tall green bottle contains the classic talc, while the white bottle contains shave talc.

The Rum Diary (2011)


pinaudclubmantalc_bornunicornPinaud Clubman talc (in a vintage tin bottle) is featured in the opening scene and in the film poster.

Director Bruce Robinson demanded the inclusion of the Pinaud talc in the shot as he felt it “essential” to convey the sense that Depp’s character, Paul Kemp, was highly refined and sophisticated despite his penchant for heavy drinking. Once the scene was shot in its entirety, Johnny Depp took the talc home.

Rushmore (1998)




avonthunderbirdbottle_bornunicornRoyal Crown hair dressing, Pinaud Clubman talc, Avon Stop ‘N Go after-shave, Corvette Stingray ’65 bottle containing Spicy after-shave and Thunderbird ’55 bottle containing Deep Woods after-shave in Bert Fischer’s barber shop.

Mad Men S05E12 (Commissions and Fees)



pinaudclubmantalc_bornunicornvitalishairtonic_bornunicornbarbicidejar_bornunicornJed Covington (Timothy Carhart) meets Don Draper (Jon Hamm) at his barber’s. There’s a display of Pinaud Clubman talc bottles (both old and new packaging) by the door; there are a bottle of Vitalis hair tonic and a large Barbicide disinfecting jar on the shelf by the mirror.