Mad Men S05E12 (Commissions and Fees)



pinaudclubmantalc_bornunicornvitalishairtonic_bornunicornbarbicidejar_bornunicornJed Covington (Timothy Carhart) meets Don Draper (Jon Hamm) at his barber’s. There’s a display of Pinaud Clubman talc bottles (both old and new packaging) by the door; there are a bottle of Vitalis hair tonic and a large Barbicide disinfecting jar on the shelf by the mirror.

2 thoughts on “Mad Men S05E12 (Commissions and Fees)”

  1. I’ve got more for your collection: in Mad Men TV show there are at least 3 distinct perfume displaying scenes: Shalimar for the red-headed office manager played by Cristina Hendricks (as mentioned in the dialogue as well, plus the retro deo spray packaging on her dresser, Coty Muguet de Bois for the character of January Jones and an unidentified parfum (yes! extrait) worn by the ever efficient Penny during one opening scene as she prepares for the office (plus a mention -in jest I surmised, as a sexy come hither- in 6th season about Chanel No.5).

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