Glow S01E04 (The Dusty Spur)

One of the most interesting characters of this TV show is Sheila. Her gimmick is “the She-Wolf”, but after getting a glimpse of her backstory, we know it’s not really a gimmick: her feral appearance mirrors the way she feels inside. This episode opens with Sheila putting her She-Wolf persona on. There are several interesting products on her dressing table, starting with her perfume. The … Continue reading Glow S01E04 (The Dusty Spur)

Glow S01E02 (Slouch. Submit)

Sam Sylvia (Marc Maron) asks the wannabe wrestlers what their “special abilities” are. Sheila the She-Wolf (Gayle Rankin) explains she has “a very acute sense of smell.” Sam tries her: what cologne is he wearing? She replies: “Drakkar Noir.” The TV show is set in the 1980s, so this reference is very accurate: the Guy Laroche aromatic woody fragrance, created by Pierre Wargnye and launched … Continue reading Glow S01E02 (Slouch. Submit)