Glow S01E04 (The Dusty Spur)

glow_s01e04_bornunicorn (2)One of the most interesting characters of this TV show is Sheila. Her gimmick is “the She-Wolf”, but after getting a glimpse of her backstory, we know it’s not really a gimmick: her feral appearance mirrors the way she feels inside. This episode opens with Sheila putting her She-Wolf persona on. There are several interesting products on her dressing table, starting with her perfume.

cartier_pasha_de_cartier_edition_prestige_acier_bornunicorn.jpgThe silver bottle on the left is Cartier Pasha de Cartier (the Prestige Acier edition). I’m a bit disappointed by this choice: I appreciate it, because the bottle is spectacular, and because this aromatic woody fragrance by Jacques Cavallier seems just right for Sheila, but it’s historically inaccurate. As a matter of fact, Pasha was launched in 1992, one decade after the events told in the show.

glow_s01e04_bornunicorn (1)

lancomevintagecompact_bornunicorn.jpgThe glossy black compact with a gold rose is a Lancôme product – face powder, foundation or an eyeshadow palette.

glow_s01e04_bornunicorn (3)Last but not least, there’s a pump bottle of Dep hair gel. This product is still on the market.

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