perfumes in movies

Tutti i colori del buio (1972)

There's a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Arden for Men classic cologne in the bathroom where Jane (Edwige Fenech) is looking at herself in the mirror. The white matte bottle with the gold cap on the right is a vintage skincare product by Guerlain - a cleansing milk, to be precise. Thanks to PaleBlueMoon for the… Continue reading Tutti i colori del buio (1972)

perfumes in movies

From Prada to Nada (2011)

There are Elizabeth Arden Red Door and Liz Claiborne Bora Bora perfumes on the dressing table of Nora Dominguez (Camilla Belle). Cherry Blossom body splash by Bath & Body Works (old packaging) can be seen, too. Thanks to my friend Jennifer for the Liz Claiborne and Bath & Body Works ids.

skincare in movies, vintage beauty products

Red Dragon (2002)

There's a jar of Elizabeth Arden Ardena cleansing cream in Francis Dolarhyde's bathroom shelf. This product is a vestige of a long-gone past, originally used by the man's grandmother. The Ardena cleansing cream was part of the Venetian Ardena line, created by Elizabeth Arden in collaboration with the chemist A. Fabian Swanson in 1912, after a trip… Continue reading Red Dragon (2002)