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Red Dragon (2002)

reddragon_bornunicorn (1)reddragon_bornunicorn (2)reddragon_bornunicorn (3)reddragon_bornunicorn (4)Has anyone ever listed the ways Dr. Lecter hates Old Spice after-shave? The popular shaving lotion is mentioned in the 1981 novel by Thomas Harris and ever since. All the Hannibals we’ve seen on tv or on the silver screen have expressed their hatred for it: the one played by Brian Cox in Manhunter (1985) by Michael Mann, Anthony Hopkins in the 2002 film and Mads Mikkelsen in the NBC tv show.

oldspiceaftershavelotion_bornunicornFor such a refined character, Old Spice is a symbol of uncouthness and carelessness. “Something a child would select,” the doctor remarks with what I think is a pinch of envy: Will has a family; someone who loves him always selects this perfume for him, even if it’s atrocious, something that Lecter will never experience.

Red Dragon (2002)


elizabetharden_ardenacleansingcream_bornunicornThere’s a jar of Elizabeth Arden Ardena cleansing cream in Francis Dolarhyde’s bathroom shelf. This product is a vestige of a long-gone past, originally used by the man’s grandmother.

The Ardena cleansing cream was part of the Venetian Ardena line, created by Elizabeth Arden in collaboration with the chemist A. Fabian Swanson in 1912, after a trip to Paris. The first successful products of the line were Venetian Cream Amoretta, a “fluffy light-whipped cream-like skin cream”, and Arden Skin Tonic. The line included a wide range of items, among which cleansing tissues, Crème Mystique (to conceal redness, blemishes and the shine on the nose), Crème de France (a protective after-sun cream) and cosmetics.