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Nocturama (2016)

Several bottles of Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey eau de parfum are displayed in the luxury department store where most of the film is set.

The eau de parfum version was launched in 2006, while the original eau de toilette was launched in 1992. A Jacques Cavallier creation, it’s one of the first ozonic/aquatic perfumes which set the new trend of “clean” perfumery in the 1990s.

Saint Laurent (2014)

saintlaurent_bornunicorn (1)yslpourhomme_bornunicorn

yslpourhommecampaign_bornunicornThe first men’s perfume by Yves Saint Laurent was Pour Homme, an aromatic scent launched in 1971. Its advertising campaign – the designer posing naked in front of the camera of Jean Loup Sieff – challenged the concept of male nudity in advertising and caused a scandal.

e198e9f289c1468a26cff0d91041252fThe same concept was used by Tom Ford in 2002: the advertising campaign of YSL M7 featured the martial arts champion Samuel de Cubber naked.