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Manhunter (1986)

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manhunter_bornunicorn (4)When Will Graham (William Petersen) visits Hannibal Lecktor (Brian Cox) in prison, the doctor doesn’t miss out on commenting on his perfume. Thanks to his exceptional sense of smell, he knows Will is wearing the “atrocious aftershave” he wore in court three years before, something which “has a ship on the bottle”, that is Old Spice.

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manhunter_bornunicorn (6)Soon after commenting on the aftershave, Hannibal moves the conversation on a more personal level. Will is the one who caught Lecktor: despite appearances, they’re “just alike”, which excites Hannibal and scares Will. The doctor goes on: “You came here to look at me, to get the old scent back again”, referring to the thrill of being able to enter someone’s mind and think like him/her, something that Will does, being an empath.

manhunter_bornunicorn (7)When Will leaves the cell in a hurry, Hannibal is disappointed: his remark (“Smell yourself”) is spiteful but also refers to Will’s power. To get “the old scent back again”, he just has to smell himself, to look inside of himself.

The same conversation appears in Hannibal S03E09.