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Parasite (2019)

parasite (2)Yeon-gyo (Cho Yeo-jeong) is a lucky woman: she lives in a wonderful house, she’s got a loving husband and two beautiful children, her closet is filled with Hèrmes Birkin bags and she’s got a luxurious minimal style. When we are allowed into her private room, we are not surprised to see what’s on her dressing table – European luxury perfumes, skincare and make-up.

tumblr_n0f4gtpbfa1sm54eyo3_1280On the left there’s a bottle decorated with an orange and black ribbon: it’s Orange Blossom by Penhaligon’s, a citrus floral fragrance created by Bertrand Duchaufour and launched in 2010.

smnovella_acquadifiordarancio_bornunicornAlways on the left, just behind the Penhaligon’s perfume, there’s tall bottle with white stopper and a pale green front label: it’s an aromatic water by Santa Maria Novella, the Florence-based company very popular especially in Asian countries.

parasite (1)

chanel_travelpalette_romanticdestination_bornunicornThe several black make-up palettes displayed right in front of the woman are of course by Chanel.

Mr Selfridge S02E07

mrselfridge_s02e07_bornunicorn (1)Kitty Hawkins (Amy Beth Hayes) is holding two Penhaligon’s perfumes while chatting with her assistant Jessie (Sai Bennett).

mrselfridge_s02e07_bornunicorn (2)


Thanks to a larger shot, we know that those are bottles of Malabah, sitting on the glass counter next to Lily of the Valley and a factice bottle of English Fern.

penhaligons_lavandula_bornunicornBottles of Lavandula and Orange Blossom can be seen, too.

Picking Penhaligon’s perfumes for this show is historically accurate, since Penhaligon’s was established in 1870. Some of the fragrances seen on Selfridge’s counters were launched way after the 1910s, though – Orange Blossom in 1976, Malabah in 2003 and Lavandula in 2004. On the other hand, Lily of the Valley was created in 1907, English Fern in 1910, so they could be actually sold in the Oxford Street department store.