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Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

vlcsnap-2018-07-20-02h05m25s221Alice Hyatt (Ellen Burstyn) is a widow who wants to move back to her home town, Monterrey, by the end of the summer. On the way home, she tries to find a job and to earn some money. She wants to make an impression on potential employers, so she gets her hair styled and buys a new dress. The beauty products she uses reinforce the idea of a woman who wants to make an impression.

On a table of the motel room where she’s staying with her son Tommy (Alfred Lutter III), we can see some luxury items.

lanvinarpegetalc_bornunicornlanvinmysindustingpowder_bornunucorn.jpgThe black and red round bottles with gold stoppers are perfumed talcs by Lanvin, respectively Arpege and My Sin.

alicedoesntlivehereanymore_bornunicorn (3)lucienlelongopeningnight_tallbottle_bornunicornThe tall glass bottle is the trademark container of Lucien Lelong fragrances. This one, with the black label, is for Opening Night cologne.

I was wondering why the movie prop masters selected these items for the character. She’s struggling with her current life situation, with a “very weird” kid and with money; for these reasons, it’s clear Lanvin talcs (two of them!) and the Lelong perfume are symbols of a wealthier past.

Death on the Nile (1978)

deathonthenile_bornunicorn.pngLinnet Ridgeway’s bedroom/boudoir is lavishly furnished in white and decorated with colorful glass, mirrors and marble. Several French perfumes are sitting on her vanity, a natural extension of her flawless style.


lanvinmysin_bornunicornThe first bottle that has caught my attention is the Lanvin boule on the left. It’s unclear what perfume it contained, because the French maison used the same bottle for two different perfumes, Arpege (created by Andre Fraysse in 1927) and My Sin (called Mon Péché in French, created by the mysterious Madame Zed in 1924). The film is set in the 1930s, so it’s plausible for both to sit on that vanity.

lanvinarpegetalc_bornunicornThe same thing can be said for the black bottle on the right, containing Lanvin talcum powder. It could be Arpege or My Sin.

shalimarvintagead_bornunicornThe Guerlain chauve souris bottle unmistakably contained Shalimar, created by Jacques Guerlain in 1925.

guerlainliu_bornunicornGuerlain Liu black flacon tabatiere with gold accents is in tune with the Art Deco vibe in Linnet’s bedroom. The perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain in 1929.

Thanks to Karen Hatch for the id.