Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974)

vlcsnap-2018-07-20-02h05m25s221Alice Hyatt (Ellen Burstyn) is a widow who wants to move back to her home town, Monterrey, by the end of the summer. On the way home, she tries to find a job and to earn some money. She wants to make an impression on potential employers, so she gets her hair styled and buys a new dress. The beauty products she uses reinforce the idea of a woman who wants to make an impression.

On a table of the motel room where she’s staying with her son Tommy (Alfred Lutter III), we can see some luxury items.

lanvinarpegetalc_bornunicornlanvinmysindustingpowder_bornunucorn.jpgThe black and red round bottles with gold stoppers are perfumed talcs by Lanvin, respectively Arpege and My Sin.

alicedoesntlivehereanymore_bornunicorn (3)lucienlelongopeningnight_tallbottle_bornunicornThe tall glass bottle is the trademark container of Lucien Lelong fragrances. This one, with the black label, is for Opening Night cologne.

I was wondering why the movie prop masters selected these items for the character. She’s struggling with her current life situation, with a “very weird” kid and with money; for these reasons, it’s clear Lanvin talcs (two of them!) and the Lelong perfume are symbols of a wealthier past.

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