The Politician S01E08 (Vienna)

Hadassah Gold (Bette Midler) is the chief of staff and assistant of Dede Standish (Judith Light), the New York State senate majority leader. They are about to meet the junior senator-elect from Texas but there’s a problem: Dede has just put on a lipstick which is not her favourite. As Hadassah confirms by reading the shade sticker at the bottom of the tube, Dede puts … Continue reading The Politician S01E08 (Vienna)

American Crime Story S02E09 (Alone)

When Marilyn Miglin (Judith Light) receives a visit from the FBI in Miami, she’s getting ready to go on air with her shopping program. On the left there are some products (hydrating bath and shower gel and cooling body lotion) and boxes from the Destiny line. At the centre and on the right there are some boxes and products from the 112 line; among them, … Continue reading American Crime Story S02E09 (Alone)

American Crime Story S02E09 (Alone)

After being among the protagonists of the third episode, Marilyn Miglin (Judith Light) is featured in the season finale, too. As a businesswoman incredibly devoted to her job, she never misses her obligations, even when she gets the news that Andrew Cunanan has killed Gianni Versace. In the scene where she’s working on tv, lots of products of her brand can be seen. Most of … Continue reading American Crime Story S02E09 (Alone)

American Crime Story S02E03 (A Random Killing)

The tragedy which struck the life of the Chicago businesswoman Marilyn Miglin (her husband, the tycoon Lee Miglin, was killed by Andrew Cunanan in 1997) is told in the third episode of the tv show. Marilyn, famous for her perfume Pheromone [1], thrived in the fragrance and skincare field, so much that the brand is still on the market. The opening scene sees the protagonist … Continue reading American Crime Story S02E03 (A Random Killing)