American Crime Story S02E09 (Alone)

americancrimestory_s02e09_bornunicorn (1)When Marilyn Miglin (Judith Light) receives a visit from the FBI in Miami, she’s getting ready to go on air with her shopping program.


marilynmiglin_destinybathshowergel_bornunicornOn the left there are some products (hydrating bath and shower gel and cooling body lotion) and boxes from the Destiny line.

marilynmiglin_112bathshowergel_bornunicornAt the centre and on the right there are some boxes and products from the 112 line; among them, a bottle of hydrating bath and shower gel.

americancrimestory_s02e09_bornunicorn (3)

marilynmiglin_112edp_bornunicornmarilynmiglin_112bodylotion_bornunicornmarilynmiglin_112rollerball_bornunicornOther 112 products can be seen while she’s arranging items on a counter: there’s the eau de parfumthe body lotion and the rollerball eau de parfum.

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