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Friends with Money (2006)

Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) is always tight on money: she used to work as a school teacher but now she's a maid and doesn't earn much. When she finishes a sample tube of moisturiser, she goes through her bathroom drawer to see if there's anything else she can use. On the bathroom counter we can see… Continue reading Friends with Money (2006)

make-up products in tv shows

This Life (1996-1997)

One of the protagonists of this short-lived BBC television drama is Anna Forbes (Daniela Nardini), a lawyer who works in London. In this promotional picture, set in her bedroom, she's putting red lipstick on while holding a mirror compact, which happens to be a Givenchy product. Used as packaging for several make-up items (powder blush,… Continue reading This Life (1996-1997)