This Life (1996-1997)

thislife_danielanardini_bornunicornOne of the protagonists of this short-lived BBC television drama is Anna Forbes (Daniela Nardini), a lawyer who works in London. In this promotional picture, set in her bedroom, she’s putting red lipstick on while holding a mirror compact, which happens to be a Givenchy product.

givenchy_springsummer1990makeup_bornunicorngivenchy_fallwinter1994_bornunicornUsed as packaging for several make-up items (powder blush, Le Prisme face powder and powder eyeshadows), this glossy black compact had the brand logo (the four Gs) printed in gold on a green/blue/orange/hot pink backdrop.

2 thoughts on “This Life (1996-1997)”

  1. Oh, I do remember this packaging. I recall I had a tinted facial fluid from this line, a sort of wash-off bronzer. This was around the time that bronzing and fake tan products were really starting to take off. I was still a student, and Givenchy felt an achingly glamorous brand at the time.

    1. It still is for me. But it’s been surpassed in glamour and innovation by many other brands. Their packaging in the early 2000s (four Gs on a mirrored backdrop) was incredibly elegant. I miss this attention to details.

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