Sixteen Candles (1984)


Ginny (Blanche Baker) is a bride-to-be who’s being totally focused on the preparations of her wedding day. She’s unsympathetic with her sister Samantha and is very rude to her. Under this behaviour there’s a lot of unhappiness, in my opinion [1]: she doesn’t really love her fiancé (he’s the only one who’d been in love with her for six months straight) but feels this is the only chance she has to get married.

Some interesting beauty items can be seen on her busy dresser.


The white bottle with blue cap next to the lamp is the suntan lotion QT Quick Tanning by Coppertone.


On the golden tray on the right there’s a bottle of Avon Timeless, a floral chypre perfume released in 1974.


The hot pink bottle is Tickle roll-on deodorant.

[1] Sixteen Candles has never been among my favourite 1980s films, but after recently re-watching it, I’ve realised it’s a deeply disturbing and problematic movie. Here 16 reasons that prove it.

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