blame_bornunicorncrabtreeandevelyn_summerhilllotion_bornunicornAmong the objects on Abigail dresser, there’s a bottle of Crabtree & Evely Summer Hill body lotion.

payotpavlova_bornunicornThe frosted glass bottle with a swan on it is something special: the French brand Payot launched Pavlova in 1977 as a homage to the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who happened to be the main source of inspiration for Nadia Payot, founder of the brand. This woody/white floral fragrance was actually inspired to a 1922 perfume. No wonder that a swan decorates the bottle: Pavlova performed The Dying Swan, a solo choreographed by Mikhail Fokine to Camille Saint-Saëns’s Le Cygne almost 4,000 times. Furthermore, the ballerina owned a real swan, Jack, whom she loved dearly.

Thanks to my friend Jennifer for the perfume id.