Killing Eve S01E08 (God, I’m Tired)

killingeve_s01e08_bornunicorn (4)Perfumes have a very important function in this tv show. The protagonist, the assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) often uses a perfume named after her, La Villanelle, as a taunting trick with her victims. But the fictional scent is not the only one she uses. As a matter of fact, other interesting (and real) scents can be seen on a vanity in her bedroom.

The screencap above is from the scene in which Eve Polastri trashes Villanelle’s apartment. Two perfume bottles and one box stand out among the beauty products cluttering the table. Both are by Kilian, a line of expensive and exclusive fragrances founded by Kilian Hennessy. He descends from the family who founded one of the most famous cognac houses in the world, part of the luxury brand conglomerate LVMH (Louis Vuitton • Moët-Hennessy) since 1987. Not a surprising choice: Villanelle loves luxury.

bykilian_goldbottle_bornunicorn(1)Reading the metal labels on the bottles is impossible, so let’s make some guesses. Three perfumes by Kilian have the clear bottle with gold label and stopper – Forbidden Games, Good Girl Gone Bad and Playing with the Devil. The three names are very evocative and all apply well to the protagonist.

bykilian_blackandsilverbottle_bornunicornWhen it comes to the black bottle with silver label and stopper, the possibilities are four – Intoxicated, Light My Fire, Smoke for the Soul and Vodka on the Rocks. Is wishing she wore Vodka on the Rocks too cheesy or stereotypical? Oksana Astonkova (Villanelle’s real name) is Russian, after all.

killingeve_s01e08_bornunicorn (5)

moschinocheapandchic_bornunicornThe two Kilian fragrances have an unexpected companion – Moschino Cheap & Chic, a floral perfume launched in 1995. Its playful black, red and white bottle is reminiscent of Olive Oyl, Popeye’s girlfriend.

I think there’s a continuity issue with this bottle: when Villanelle sits down, the bottle is standing (see the screencap above), but in the following shot it’s down (see the screencap below). Has it fallen down in the meantime? I have a feeling it hasn’t.

killingeve_s01e08_bornunicorn (1)

bykilianbox_bornunicorn.jpgThe white box with black diamond shape is by Kilian.

Thanks to Amy Green for the id.

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