Mr Selfridge S03 Opening Credits

Several perfumes can be seen in the opening credits of the 3rd season. The first is the spectacular flacon géant abeille dorée by Guerlain: originally created for the Eau de Cologne Impériale and made by Pochet et du Courval, it’s decorated by 69 golden bees painted in gilded enamel. The second is the Arlington cologne by D. R. Harris & Co., a London brand founded … Continue reading Mr Selfridge S03 Opening Credits

Mr Selfridge S03E07/S03E10

Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) takes Nancy Webb (Kelly Adams) to Selfridges for an evening shopping spree. They stop at a table where several perfume bottles are displayed. The perfume in question, “straight from Paris,” is Caron Tabac Blond. The choice is historically accurate: Ernest Daltroff created this provocative perfume in 1919. According to Fragrantica, Tabac Blond is “a homage to women’s liberation,” combining “leathery top … Continue reading Mr Selfridge S03E07/S03E10