Mr Selfridge S03E07/S03E10

mrselfridge_s03e07_bornunicorn (1)
mrselfridge_s03e07_bornunicorn (2)

mrselfridge_s03e07_bornunicorn (3)Harry Selfridge (Jeremy Piven) takes Nancy Webb (Kelly Adams) to Selfridges for an evening shopping spree. They stop at a table where several perfume bottles are displayed. The perfume in question, “straight from Paris,” is Caron Tabac Blond. The choice is historically accurate: Ernest Daltroff created this provocative perfume in 1919. According to Fragrantica, Tabac Blond is “a homage to women’s liberation,” combining “leathery top notes usually found in men’s fragrances with an eternally feminine floral bouquet.” It was a fragrance for women who smoke cigarettes, “the perfect symbol of freedom”.

mrselfridge_s03e07_bornunicorn (6)

caron_tabacblond_bornunicornEven the box that Harry gives Nancy is historically accurate: made of gold cardboard, it’s embellished with a matching silk tassel.

mrselfridge_s03e10_bornunicornBox and perfume bottle make another appearance when Harry visits Nancy’s flat, now empty. She’s left them on her vanity table, symbols of a love story which is over. The bottle is similar to the original but the original front label didn’t include the name of the perfume and the brand.

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