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Yield to the Night (1956)

yieldtothenight_bornunicorn (1)Mary Price Hilton (Diana Dors) works as a sales assistant at a perfume shop. There she meets Jim Lancaster (Michael Craig), the man she’ll desperately fall in love with. When they first meet, he’s looking for a perfume, but asks Mary what perfume she is wearing.

SHALIMAR08010 BASEAThere are several perfumes on the glass counter, among which Shalimar by Guerlain.

yieldtothenight_bornunicorn (4)The spectacular giant chauve souris bottle gets a beautiful shot in the same scene. Now you know where my avatar comes from 😉

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lucienlelong_gardenia_bornunicornOn the bottom shelf of the counter there’s a set of Lucien Lelong mini bottles (see the ball-shaped stoppers) and what looks like Gardénia by Lucien Lelong. The bottle – designed by René Lalique and called Sea Star – was actually used for other perfumes by Lelong (Lilac, for example), but the white box trimmed in a contrasting colour could confirm it was Gardenia indeed.

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vintage-guerlain-shalimar-eau-de-cologne-splash-1-7-oz-new-rope-sealed-7cc19a1fb031c4c8f019950e9bc5749a (1)Another shot shows a bouchon coeur bottle and a flacon montre by Guerlain. Reading the labels is impossible, so I can’t tell what they contained. The same can be said for the trademark tall bottle by Lucien Lelong, which was used for different perfumes.


Yield to the Night (1956)

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yieldtothenight_bornunicorn (3)Mary Price Hilton (Diana Dors) first meets Jim Lancaster (Michael Craig) at the perfume shop where she works as a shop assistant. He falls in love with her perfume, Christmas Rose. It’s a fictitious perfume, but I’ve found out some brands have launched fragrances with the same name. Thinking of Mary’s dreamy and idealistic personality, her perfume could be a floral with warm spicy notes.

yieldtothenight_bornunicorn (5)When the two meet at a club and dance, he comments again on her perfume, saying it’s “a wonderful smell.”

What real perfume do you think could be the fictitious Christmas Rose?