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Rundskop (2011)

rundskop_bornunicorn-1Lucia Schepers (Jeanne Dandoy) works in a perfume shop. Several perfumes can be spotted behind her.

lanvinarpege_bornunicornA bottle of Lanvin Arpège is on the top shelf, on the left. This famous white floral perfume was made by Andre Fraysse and first launched in 1927.

lanvin_rumeur2_bornunicornAnother Lanvin perfume – Rumeur 2 Rose – is on the bottom shelf, on the left. This one was created by Honorine Blanc and launched in 2007.



Three Burberry perfumes can be seen on the right: Burberry Women, Burberry The Beat and Burberry Sport for Women. The first is a fruity/woody perfume created by Michel Almairac in 1997; the second is a citrus green scent created by Dominique Ropion, Olivier Polge and Beatrice Piquet in 2008. The last one was created by Olivier Polge and Beatrice Piquet in 2010.

rundskop_bornunicorn-3ninaricci_decidela_bornunicornWhen Lucia’s mother (Jeanne Remy) pays a visit to her daughter, a factice bottle of Nina Ricci Deci Dela can be seen on a table next to her. This chypre floral fragrance was created by Jean Guichard and launched in 1994.