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Marc Almond’s Dressing Table (2018)

I’ve got a thing for Marc Almond’s dressing rooms. The British singer is often on tour, and he frequently posts pictures of the make-up products he wears in concert. The one above was taken in June 2018, backstage at the Let’s Rock Bristol festival.Starting from the left, there are NARS Soft Velvet loose powder and Dior Nude Air pressed face powder.benefitbrowsetter_bornunicornecotoolsbrushes_bornunicornThe silver tube topped by a ball is BeneFit 24-Hour Brow Setter clear brow gel. In a plastic sleeve there’s a face brush by EcoTools.kikocreamcompactfoundation_bornunicornEyebrow Filler Light Touch Pencil 06kikoconcealer_bornunicornThere are several products by Kiko – two silver compacts (which could contain foundation or pressed powder), an eyebrow filler in pencil form and two concealer compacts.benefit_browzings_bornunicornbeccaevermatteporelessprimingperfector_bornunicornnarscoconutgrove_bornunicornThe silver compact near the Kiko compact is BeneFit Brow Zings, an eyebrow shaping kit. There’s also a tube of Becca Ever-Matte poreless priming perfector. Last, there’s a single eyeshadow in a dark brown shade by NARS.

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Marc Almond’s Dressing Room (2018)

On December 19th and 20th, 2018, Marc Almond performed with the Jools Holland Orchestra at the Newcastle City Hall. The pictures he takes of his dressing rooms are the best, because they always feature interesting cosmetics (in this case, interesting books too!)

beccaevermatteporelessprimingperfector_bornunicornThe tube on the left is Becca Ever-Matte poreless priming perfector.

benefit_browzings_bornunicornThe silver compact just under the EcoTool brush sleeve is BeneFit Brow Zings, an eyebrow shaping kit.


One of the two Kiko Milano silver compacts definitely contains the cream compact foundation; the other could be a pressed powder.

kikoconcealer_bornunicornThe round black pot by Kiko could be the full-coverage concealer.

moroccanoil_luminoushairspray_bornunicorn.pngThere’s also a can of Moroccanoil Luminous hairspray.

diorskin_nudeaircompact_bornunicornThe silver compact is Dior Nude Air powder.

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