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Bones and All (2022)

There’s a small glass bottle of Oil of Olay beauty lotion on the dressing table in the house of one of Sully’s victims.

The pineapple-shaped bottle is Avon Pineapple Petite. It’s impossible to tell what fragrance it contains because the American brand has often used the same bottle to house different scents.

Behind Pineapple Petite there’s a rare bottle of Jonteel fragrance. This is part of a line produced by Langlois and discontinued in 1941; as explained by Grace at Cleopatra’s Boudoir it included “perfume, toilet water, face powder, vanishing cream, cold cream face powder, soap, cold cream, wool powder puffs, and talcum powder.”

Other two Avon products are on the dressing table, too: they are Lemon Velvet and Lily of the Valley cream sachet jars.

Thanks to Alessandra for submitting this post, to Caroline Louise for the Jonteel id and to Kelly in the comments for the Avon cream sachet id.