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Der Untergang (2004)



There’s a bottle of Lohse Uralt Lavendel cologne by the sink in Traudl Junge’s room. It’s not clear what bottle version was used here, since the camera pans to the actress and doesn’t linger on the sink. Historically speaking, it should be the one on the right (see the Gothic font), but there’s no way to know.

Thanks to A. Windfeldt for the id.

How to Get Away with Murder S01E03 (Smile or Go to Jail)



macrubywoo_bornunicornA couple of weeks ago I binge-watched the ABC legal dramaHow to Get Away with Murder and I fell in love with the make-up of Bonnie Winterbottom (Liza Weil). It’s very similar to my everyday make-up, which means bare face and eyes but ruby red lips. The shade used on her is fantastic, so I turned to Twitter to ask the show’s make-up artist more about it. Sergio Lopez-Rivera was so kind to answer my question and revealed he uses Ruby Woo by MAC on the actress. This shade is among my favourites ever, but I must admit it looks more vibrant on Liza, probably because of her fair complexion, which makes the colour pop.