Qualcosa di nuovo (2016)

Lucia (Paola Cortellesi) is a jazz singer who often travels for work. In two different scenes set in hotels we get to know her perfume of choice, in a beautiful black bottle with sculptural gold stopper.

It’s Soir d’Orient by Sisley, a warm spicy fragrance created by Olivier Pescheux and launched in 2015.

In the second picture we can see another Sisley product on Lucia’s bedside table – the grapefruit toning lotion.

One thought on “Qualcosa di nuovo (2016)”

  1. I think I also spy a tube of Sisley’s black Rose face mask ( on its side). I think the toner may be the pink one for dry skin as it’s used to prep skin before the mask ( and to partially remove if not rinsing with water). She also has mini travel sizes of the pink toner and cleansing milk in her bathroom so she’s clearly a Sisley devotee. The black rose mask is ludicrously expensive but smells incredible and feels incredibly luxe. Can also be used as a rich moisturiser. Definitely a cult product.

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