Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)

Martin is an abusive and controlling husband. His wife Laura takes advantage of a stormy evening sail to fake her own death and leave him. But he eventually finds her thanks to a phone call he receives from Vanessa, a woman who took swimming lessons with Laura at YWCA.

When Martin gets home, he obsessively looks for signs of Laura’s staged death. The bathroom has an important function: after cutting his finger, he gets close to the toilet and there, at the bottom, he finds Laura’s wedding ring, which she got rid of before leaving. Most of the products in the bathroom cabinets are by Crabtree & Evelyn, a British brand founded in 1968.

The seashell object is Crabtree & Evelyn sea shell soap with jojoba oil.

The round plastic box is Jean Couturier Coriandre dusting powder. This fragrance, a creation by Jacqueline Couturier, Jean-Louis Sieuzac and Gerard Pelpel, was first launched in 1973.

sleepingwiththeenemy_bornunicorn (4)

It’s hard to say if the Crabtree & Evelyn Aloe Vera box contains a bath & shower gel, a talcum powder shaker or another product of that line.

sleepingwiththeenemy_bornunicorn (5)

In the cabinet there are two boxes of Crabtree & Evelyn chamomile and Swiss glicerine soap.

There’s also a box of Crabtree & Evelyn Extract of West Indian and Sicilian Limes.

sleepingwiththeenemy_bornunicorn (6)

The round box with violets contains a perfumed glycerine soap by Crabtree & Evelyn.

Last, there’s a bottle of Johnson’s baby oil.

Thanks to Jennifer for the Jean Couturier id.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping with the Enemy (1991)”

  1. So much to love here. I used to adore those little C&E seashell soaps. And I’m a big fan of Coriandre — it’s a very affordable alternative to Sisley’s Soir de Lune. And what could the zebra print box be? My mind went automatically to the packaging for Vol de Nuit.

    1. Hello! My mind went there too. But it’s not because Vol de Nuit has a rectangular box. It could be another soap, not by Crabtree & Evelyn though.

  2. Long lamented Sea Shell Soap. I have one bar left. Crabtree is a skeleton of what it once was. All new products and scents.
    I also have a couple of their powdered milk baths I started using after Elizabeth Arden discontinued their Blue Grass Fluffy Milk Bath. I have one bottle of that I am hoarding?

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