Jennifer 8 (1992)

jennifer8_bornunicorn (1)It’s Christmas time in Eureka, and Margie (Kathy Baker) and Freddy host a party for family and friends. During the party, Margie retouches Helena’s make-up and puts some perfume on her.

jennifer8_bornunicorn (2)It’s not a spray bottle, the one that Margie takes out of her mirrored cabinet, but a splash one. The opaque glass flowers decorating the stopper are quite unmistakable.

jennifer8_bornunicorn (3)When the girl finally holds the bottle, the mystery is finally revealed: it’s Chloé.

chloeperfume1975_bornunicornThis romantic white floral perfume is a creation of Betty Busse. It was launched in 1975 under the label Parfums Lagerfeld, because Karl Lagerfeld was at the helm of the brand as main designer from 1966 to 1983.

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