Sliver (1993)


missdioradvert1992_bornunicornZeke (William Baldwin) is at Carly’s party and he’s reading a magazine. On the back cover there’s an advert for Dior Miss Dior starring Heather Stewart-Whyte.

3 thoughts on “Sliver (1993)”

  1. I love this film and noticed the perfume ad but could never find it online. You can see on the ad the silly conflict between a grand fragrance and marketing it for young girls, or at least trying to. You sound see 1932’s Island Of Lost Souls, very interesting products on the panther woman’s dressing table.

    1. Yes: unfortunately Miss Dior has progressively lost its original appeal for the brand’s will to market it to young girls. Thanks for the rec: it’s the second time this week someone has told me I should watch this film, so I guess it’s time to.

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