Jeune & jolie (2013)

jeuneetjolie_bornunicornThere are many products on Isabelle’s bathroom shelf: all of them are French.

sanoflore-essence-merveilleuse_bornunicornThe blue bottle on the left is Sanoflore Essence Merveilleuse, a regenerating anti-age night concentrate.

larocheposay_unifiancefoundation_bornunicornThere’s La Roche-Posay Unifiance shine-free foundation.

nuxe_huileprodigieuseseche_bornunicornOne of the most popular French beauty products is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. Isabelle uses the sèche version, suitable on face, body and hair.

There’s a bottle of Nominoë body oil.

chloeperfume_bornunicornThe perfume of choice is Chloé, a floral fragrance created by Amandine Marie and Michel Almairac and launched in 2008. Behind the perfume bottle there’s another Nuxe product in a small tube, but I haven’t been able to identify it. Judging from its content, it could be a travel-size tube or a sample of a product from the Rêve de Miel line.
nominoe_facecleanser_bornunicornLast but not least, another Nominoë product – a gentle foam face cleanser.

Thanks to Mari for the Sanoflore id.

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