Catherine D’Lish’s Dressing Table (2014)

catherinedlish_bornunicornThe striptease virtuoso Catherine D’Lish posted this picture on her Instagram account: she was sitting at her dressing table before a show, putting on her make-up and listening to music on her iPod.

lorealperfectmatch_bornunicorn lorealtruematch_bornunicorn lorealtruematchminerals_bornunicorn macmineralizeskinfinishnatural_bornunicornOn her table you can see L’Oreal products (Perfect Match and True Match liquid foundations, True Match Minerals mineral foundation) and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural face powder.

macprolongwearlipcolour_bornunicornchanelcompact_bornunicornmac190sefoundationbrush_bornunicornI’ve also spotted MAC Pro Longwear lipcolour (probably in Lasting Lust), a Chanel black shiny compact and MAC 190SE foundation brush from the Heirlooms holiday collection released in 2007.


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