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Scream S01E09 (The Dance)

screams01e09_bornunicorn (1)I love Emma’s look in this episode, which focuses on a Halloween party. Emma’s costume is a homage to Pulp Fiction‘s Mia Wallace – white shirt and black cropped pants, black pageboy hair, red nails and matching lips. While she’s getting ready for the event, some interesting items can be seen on her dressing table.

screams01e09_bornunicorn (2)



1930sMascara_grandeThere are a bottle of Schwarzkopf got2b Smooth Operator leave-in conditioner and a bottle of Sally Hansen nail polish in a beige shade, probably Without a Stitch. There’s also a gold tube of Bésame mascara, with the trademark bullet shape and chrysantemum motif.

screams01e09_bornunicorn (5)
dior999lipstick_bornunicornI was a bit on the fence when it comes to her lipstick: the tube looked Dior to me but I was not sure. Thanks to the show’s make-up artist, Ashley Walsh, now I know I was right. Ashley explained she used several shades on Willa Fitzgerald, including the Dior that appears in this scene (N°999) and Bésame Red Hot Red.

screams01e09_bornunicorn (6)The result is flawless: ruby red lips which beautifully contrast with the black wig and the eye-make-up.


Scream S01E04 (Aftermath)

scream_s01e0_bornunicorn (1)

scream_s01e0_bornunicorn (2)

scream_s01e0_bornunicorn (3)There is a hilarious conversation in this episode: it comes at a tragic moment (one of the protagonists has been killed) but Brooke Maddox (Carlson Young), the spoiled brat of the bunch, is able to relieve it. She calls Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) asking to help her choose “funeral nail polish”.


opiblackonyx_bornunicornBoth options are by OPI: the first shade she mentions is Titanium (shimmery dark silver, from the fall 2014 Designer Series collection), while the second is Black Onyx (classic black from the core collection).

scream_OPI_bornunicorn (1)

scream_OPI_bornunicorn (2)The girl finally opts for Black Onyx, commenting that her friend would approve. Who knows? Maybe she’s right. Too bad we will never know.