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Logan Lucky (2017)

loganlucky_bornunicorn (1)Mellie Logan (Riley Keough) uses almost exclusively Tigi Bed Head products at the hair salon where she works. Starting from the farthest table to the nearest, I’ve spotted the following:


Two cans of Superstar Queen for a Day thickening spray, one on both tables

tumblr_n2yddntlwo1sm54eyo3_400A round bottle of Small Talk energizing cream


A pump bottle of Dumb Blonde violet-toning shampoo, perfect for the Purple Lady (Rebecca Koon)

tigibedhead_elasticateshampooconditioner_bornunicorn.jpgA bottle of Elasticate shampoo (or conditioner)

tigibedhead_flexiheadhairspray_bornunicornA can of Flexi Head strong flexible hold hairspray

tigibedhead_straightenout_bornunicornA bottle of Straighten Out straightening cream

tigibedhead_controlfreakserum_bornunicornA bottle of Control Freak serum

tigibeadhead_maxxedouthairspray_bornunicornA bottle of Maxxed-Out massive hold hairspray

aquanet_superhold_bornunicornThe odd one out here is a pink can of Aqua Net super-hold hairspray

tigibedhead_mindblowerhairdryer_bornunicornEven the pink hairdryer is by Tigi: it’s the Mind Blower hairdryer