Pushing Daisies S01E09 (Corpsicle)

The smell expert Oscar Vibenius (Paul Reubens) appears again in Chuck’s life: he’s genuinely intrigued by her peculiar smell. Ned’s dog, Digby, has the same smell. It’s not a coincidence: both of them were brought back from the dead by the Pie Maker. Oscar asks Chuck if he can smell her hair, because “hair can be so telling about so many things.” There’s nothing sensual … Continue reading Pushing Daisies S01E09 (Corpsicle)

Pushing Daisies S01E07 (Smell of Success)

Napoleon LeNez (Christopher Sieber) is a smell expert who’s about to publish a self-help book on how smells can stir up beloved memories. A few days before the release of the book, one of his students, Anita Grey, tragically dies in a mysterious explosion. Anita’s mother asks Emerson to investigate the girl’s death. When Ned (Lee Pace), Emerson (Chi McBride) and Chuck (Anna Friel) meet him, … Continue reading Pushing Daisies S01E07 (Smell of Success)