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Angela Lansbury’s Dressing Table (2007)



condition_3in1mousse_bornunicornL’Oreal Visible Lift liquid foundation, MAC Gentle Off eye and lip make-up remover,  Sebastian Originals Shaper hair-spray and Condition 3-in-1 moisturizing mousse can be seen on the dressing table of Angela Lansbury.

physiciansformula_multicolouredblushpalette_bornunicornThe mosaic-looking blush is Physicians Formula powder palette multi-coloured blush.

williamtuttlecolourfoundation_bornunicorn.jpgThe white pot behind the lash curler is William Tuttle cover foundation.

This portrait was taken by Rivka S. Katvan behind the scenes of Deuce, the Terrence McNally play which ran on Broadway in 2007.

Thanks to my readers Sara for the hair-spray id and Jessica for the blush, Tuttle and mousse ids.