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Pretty Little Liars S07E10 (The DArkest Knight)

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rimmel_moisturerenewlipstick_bornunicornJenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) is a pro at applying lipstick flawlessly [1], despite her blindness. Mona (Janel Parrish) meets her at the Radley and doesn’t waste time: she harshly criticises her choice, “that Jungle Red [2].” The lipstick Jenna is wearing actually look good on her: it’s Rimmel Moisture Renew in Diva Red or Red Alert (I can’t decide which one).

[1] A similar scene happened in S01E05 (Reality Bites Me): in that case, Jenna and Hanna were in the same elevator.  Moreover, Mona pointing out that Jenna is wearing Jungle Red (which happens to be Alison’s favourite lipstick colour) could indicate she was the one who left the message on Spencer’s mirror in S01E04 (Can You Hear Me Now?).

[2] This shade has become paradigmatic of vivid blue red. First coined for the nail polish seen in The Women (1939) by George Cukor, it’s been turned into a real lipstick by François Nars.

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Pretty Little Liars S03E12 (The Lady Killer)

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Can we start a serious discussion about Toffee Tango, the infamous lipstick worn and loved by Mona Vanderwaal? Everybody knows the shade is part of the Maybelline lipstick range, but I’m sure here we have something similar to what occurred with Ravish Me Red in American Horror Story: Asylum, which means they took a real shade name and used it for a different lipstick.

As for Toffee Tango, I have two theories: the real lipstick used by Mona could be Milani Color Perfect in Barely There or L’Oreal Paris Color Riche (no idea on the exact shade, sorry). The shape of the lipstick cap and the satin golden case definitely point towards these two brands. I personally think it was the Milani one because the shade sticker on the bottom of the lipstick is round and not square as in L’Oreal one. In the past L’Oreal lipsticks had round stickers, but I don’t think they used an old lipstick in the tv show.

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