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Holy Smoke (1999)

holysmoke_bornunicorn (1)Ruth spills the content of her bag on a coffee table, because she wants to make PJ up. She uses one cosmetic in particular – the NARS lipstick.


holysmoke_bornunicorn (4)The sticker bearing the name of the shade on the bottom of the lipstick tube is hard to read, but it’s not difficult to guess it.

narsjungleredlipstick_bornunicornIn 1998/1999, when the film was produced, there weren’t many red shades in the NARS collection. Five years before, François Nars first marketed his lipsticks to Barneys: the small collection included two reds – Red Lizard (full-powered red) and Jungle Red (vivid blue red). It’s true the shade can’t be read on the bottom of the lipstick, but the lay-out of the name (the first word is longer than the second) points towards Jungle Red, inspired to a nail polish mentioned in The Women (1939) by George Cukor.