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Girls S06E09 (Goodbye Tour)

In Shoshanna’s bathroom there are Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo and two hair conditioners by Lush – American Cream and Happy Happy Joy Joy.

There are also Nature’s Gate jojoba and sacred lotus revitalizing shampoo and Yes to Grapefruit spot-correcting body creme.

Last but not least, a tube of Queen Helene Aloe Vera natural facial scrub.

Girls S06E09 (Goodbye Tour)

There’s a bottle of Floris China Rose perfume on the shelf in Shoshanna’s bathroom and Schmidt’s lavender and sage deodorant by the washbasin.

The Floris perfume, now discontinued, was launched in 2000. According to Fragrantica, “it has a delicate, fruity opening (raspberry and peach) which leads into an opulent floral heart of rose and violet, spiced up with cloves and softened with geranium; its oriental base includes patchouli, amber, tonka, vanilla and vetiver.”