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Frances Bean Cobain’s Room (2014)

B1lKrLbCMAAXZgdToday Frances Bean Cobain posted this picture on her Twitter account. I obviously couldn’t help but notice the black bottle on the right, near the curtains. It’s the trademark black bottle of Robert Piguet products. This one is not a perfume, though, but a body lotion.



Does she wear Fracas, just like her mother? Uhm, I don’t think so, but it’s hard to tell from the picture. It looks like the trim around the front label is yellow. My guess it that she wears the Bandit body lotion. Sure, it could also be VisaGard√©nia or even Baghari, but I can totally see her wearing the body lotion of the chypr√©/leathery/animalic scent created by Germaine Cellier and launched in 1944.