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Elvis (2022)

Toiletries and medicine bottles cover the two dressing tables seen in the film. On both occasions three products stand out, all of them by Old Spice.

The two white bottles are an Old Spice travel set: the bottle with white cap contains after-shave talcum, while the one with red cap contains after-shave lotion.

The green bottle with white cap is from the Lime collection, introduced in 1966. From an 1973 catalogue we can see that this introductory-size bottle could contain the after-shave lotion or the cologne.

The One That I Want (2014)




chanellipstick_commercial_gisele_bornunicornChanel has just released a new commercial for Chanel no, 5, The One That I Want. Directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Gisele Bündchen, it features a love story, a fashion shooting session and a beautiful surfing opening sequence, plus a Grease-inspired soundtrack.

I’m disappointed by this highly anticipated commercial, because the atmosphere is ordinary (Bündchen is portrayed as a supermodel/mother, which is who she actually is) and the dreamy/wow factor is totally missing. This is a Luhrmann commercial, and we know he can do way better than this.

My favourite moment? The one which features the iconic perfume and a nude pink lipstick, of course.