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Stranger Things S01E03 (Holly, Jolly)

When Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) visits Nancy's room, a pink bottle can be seen on her chest of drawers. A pink bottle with a human face painted on it. It's Avon Miss Lollypop cologne mist, which here appears sans white hat. This fragrance for girls was launched in 1967: according to the reviews I've read,… Continue reading Stranger Things S01E03 (Holly, Jolly)

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Pride (2014)

One of the most hilarious scenes of this film is set in a London leather bar, taken by storm by a group of women from Dulais, Wales. Gail (Nia Gwynne) and Gwen (Menna Trussler) ask a rubber man (Nick Blair) how he gets into his latex catsuit. He obviously uses talcum powder, something that Gwen… Continue reading Pride (2014)