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Anna May Wong’s Dressing Table (1933)


This beautiful picture of the American actress was taken backstage at the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen (Scotland) in October 1933. Among the beauty products on her dressing table there are two particularly interesting items.


The first – in the round tin box – is Max Factor Supreme face powder, which was part of a theatrical make-up line.

The second is the iconic flacon bouchon coeur by Guerlain. The label cannot be read, so it’s hard to tell what fragrance it contained. We can make some assumptions, though.


This bottle was originally created for the extracts of L’Heure Bleue, Fol ArĂ´me (both released in 1912) and Mitsouko (released in 1919). All of them were released way before 1933, so one of these could be sitting on Wong’s table.

Picture source.