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Our Idiot Brother (2011)

There are Alba Botanica Hawaiian hair conditioner and shampoo in Gloss Boss Honeydew, Degree Sheer Powder deodorant stick and Dove pink beauty cream bar in Natalie and Cindy's bathroom. There are also Degree Shower Clean spray deodorant, Aveeno Positively Smooth shave gel, Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth deodorant stick, Alba Botanica face moisturizer and Nair moisturizing… Continue reading Our Idiot Brother (2011)

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Take Shelter (2011)

There are two Alba Botanica hair products in Curtis' shower - Natural Hawaiian shampoo and conditioner in Gloss Boss Honeydew. Thanks to my reader Hannah for pointing this out to me, and thanks to Marc at Consumption Blog for giving me the permission to use his id.